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School is back in session and parents are looking for after school programs. Swim lessons are a great way to continue the fun your child had this summer at the pool or a great new activity to start. Studies have shown (link to article) that swimming lessons will improve your child’s math results.

The more time children can practice their swimming skills they've learned, the more successful they'll be in the water. When children are not in the pool for an extended period of time, children lose water skills. For each month out of the pool, it takes 1-2 swim lesson sessions to relearn those skills. Children who are cautious or fearful around water may take even longer to relearn a previously taught skill.https://asoft7142.accrisoft.com/highpoint/clientuploads/swimpic2.jpg

 This is because motor skills, like swimming, are learned through repetition. It requires patience and supervised time in the pool to become safe and proficient in the water. It's especially important to continue to 

expose young children to water. The fear of water often surfaces in years. If you help your child feel comfortable in and under water, there's a much greater chance you can prevent water anxiety.

 For optimal learning, we recommend year-round swimming lessons. You also need ample time to play and have fun with your kids in the water! Water play teaches children about balance and buoyancy. It also provides kids with the opportunities to experience water on their face learn breath control and put their head underwater on their own terms. You can never undervalue the importance of learning to swim. Mastering this sport could just save your child's life.


High Point Swim Club’s Igloo, 1705 Whitehall Street, High Point
Hartley Drive YMCA, 150 Hartley Dr., High Point
We offer small group classes limited to 4 children, private lessons and adult lessons

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