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Fitness Orientations

Sign up at the front desk for your FREE fitness orientation.

Orientations are scheduled at least 24 hours prior to appointment time.  All orientations are scheduled to insure each person fully understands how to use the fitness equipment.  This also allows our staff to better understand your needs and keep you safe.  Members ages 12-15 must complete 2 orientation sessions before using the Fitness Center without a parent or guardian.  Please allow up to 1 hour for your orientation.

For more information, contact Jeremy Haskins, Wellness Director, at 869-0151


Integrative Health Coaching

What is Integrative Health Coaching?

Integrative Health Coaching (IHC) empowers you to make lasting health behavior changes that are the cornerstones of lifelong well-being. It bridges the gap between medical recommendations and your abilities to successfully implement those recommendations into your busy life. Paula is an Integrative Health Coach, Wellness Educator and Health Advocate at the Hartley Drive Family YMCA. Paula received her certification in Health and Wellness Coaching from the Duke Integrative Medicine Program in 2015. She specializes in lifestyle wellness habits that lead to health transformation, and oncology wellness coaching to support you where you are in your health journey. 

How does Integrative Health Coaching work?

  • An Integrative Health Coach works with the whole person, taking time to listen to your concerns, and asking powerful questions to help motivate you to make the changes you want to see in your life.
  • As a Coach, Paula utilizes the Duke Integrative Medicine Wheel of Health to facilitate inquiry and personal discovery.
  • This type of coaching helps facilitate behavior change in a structured, supportive partnership between you and your coach.
  • It can help you to identify obstacles to change and create strategies for forward movement.
  • As a coach, Paula will provide additional resources for making healthy behavior changes.
  • Sessions can take place over the phone, or in person.

Get started today, and sign up for a FREE 15-20 minute Health Coaching Consultation with Paula!

COST: $175 for Members   $250 for Potential Members



Tivity SilverSneakers® Fitness Program 

The nation's leading community fitness program designed specifically for seniors, SilverSneakers® promotes greater health engagement and accountability by providing members with regular exercise (strength training, aerobics, flexibility) and social opportunities at more than 16,000 locations nationwide - all at no cost to them.

As America continues to age, senior-focused health and vitality programs will become more and more essential to ensuring aging adults can continue to be vital, active members of our communities and our world. Tivity Health® is at the forefront, continuing to expand our standard-setting program's reach with locations, features and benefits members won't find in any other program.  See Group Exercise schedule for details.