A Message from CEO, Lynn Lomax

Dear YMCA Community,

These last few weeks have been extraordinary as our community, state, country and world navigate the rapidly changing challenges. Given the uncertainty and the stress that come with these challenges, it has never been more critical for our community to stick together. Based on continued recommendations from the CDC, state and local health officials and area health departments, we plan to extend our temporary suspension of all YMCA facility access and programs through April 30.

For almost 100 years, everything we do is guided by our commitment to nurture the potential of children, support your health and well-being, and provide support for our neighbors and the community. As I share in my message above, the YMCA of High Point is dedicated to supporting our community with critical needs such as meals for children, childcare for essential workers, support for our senior neighbors and working with partner United Way agencies to identify and serve the needs of our neighbors. To remain successful in serving others during this time, we need you.

Stay with Us – Your YMCA Membership Choice  As one YMCA Community, we ask that you stay with us. Your membership helps support our efforts and ensures our Y remains strong to meet the critical needs in our community. At this time, we want to offer you options regarding your membership, we hope you will decide to Stay with Us in one of the following manners.

There is much more work ahead for our Y. Moving forward, we’ll share updates and additional resources with you as well as keep you informed on our efforts to support our community. We realize you have to make the best decision for you and your family. On behalf of everyone in the community counting on our Y in the weeks ahead, thank you for your strong consideration to STAY WITH US.


Keeping your membership active will help ensure we remain fully focused on our efforts to support our community. If you choose to keep your membership active, please know how grateful we are for your partnership with us as a cause-driven member. No action is needed by you.




Converting your membership to an ongoing, tax-deductible donation during our temporary suspension of facility access can be completed using this online form.  You will continue to pay your monthly fees, and when we resume normal operations, your donation will end. At that time, we’ll convert you back to regular membership. The YMCA will provide a tax receipt of your charitable donation prior to year-end. Again, we are deeply grateful for your willingness and partnership. 




This outbreak has created enormous uncertainty for us all, but how we respond is within our control. As soon as it became apparent that our Y needed to change course to support our community, we did. Over the past week, we have stepped up to provide childcare for families of essential workers, partnered with the backpack program to supply meals for children and worked with local agencies to support community needs.  If you can partner with us in these efforts now and to support those members who will need financial support for membership and programs when our doors re-open, please make a donation to our cause by completing the form below. We appreciate your generosity in not only Staying with Us, but growing our ability to serve in a greater way.




If you must reduce your budget during this time, we can temporarily suspend your membership dues while our facilities are closed. When normal operations resume, we will reinstate your membership automatically without you incurring a joining fee. To place your membership on hold, complete the form below. We understand the challenges you are under. If you need financial assistance when we resume normal operations, contact us to discuss Y membership options.

For additional membership alternatives, contact membership services at 336.869.0151 or email