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Integrative Health Coaching

Research on behavioral changes indicate the key concepts of Integrative Health Coaching are:

Setting goals that align with the personal values

To recognize the need for self-assessment and discovery

To have a sense of Self-discovery and confidence

Provide a feeling of support in making these changes

Repeat the new behaviors over time

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You are the ultimate owner of your life and your health. Being in the driver's seat requires a good understanding of where you are headed. It's important to know your starting point and your ideal destination. Maintaining new habits can be difficult because the old neural pathways for the previous habit stay the same, building the new habit requires making the new neural pathway stronger while the old one exists. Through the coaching experience clients can gain insight into their current state of well-being by identifying behaviors that are or are not working for them. The more positive behavior is repeated the stronger the pathway grows. This is how behavior shapes the brain and ultimately your life. This is why it's so important to create the behavior that will benefit your growth moving forward.

Paula Payne is our Integrative Health Coach and she will cover these concepts to help you get on your way to more successful and beneficial behaviors.

To register or find out more information stop by the front desk or call 336.869.0151!


Improve your Emotional Intelligence through Integrative Health Coaching.