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WEATHER POLICY: If thunder is heard or lightning is seen, the lifeguards will clear the pool deck, close the Splash Pad and the Pool. Both must remain closed until 30 minutes after the last thunder or lightning is observed, as per insurance and YMCA guidelines.

Our swim test policy for all swimmers 12 and under is as follows:

We have 3 colored levels:

  • Green (allowed in deep end) — Individuals who successfully complete all three segments of the test:
  • Swim 25 meters front crawl
  • Swim 15 meters back crawl
  • Tread water for 1 minute
  • Blue (allowed in shallow water up to 5 feet) — Individuals who demonstrate the ability to:
  • Swim 15 meters front crawl
  • Swim back crawl for 5 meters
  • Swimmers are able to tread water for 20 seconds
  • Red (must wear life jacket at all times) — Individuals who are unable to complete the tests above:
  • Are restricted to water 4 feet deep and under

Parents or guardians (age 16 and up) must be IN THE POOL with children ages 5 and under.

Parents or guardians (age 16 and up) must accompany all children ages 9 and under IN THE POOL AREA at all times.