Hartley Drive Family YMCA

Hartley YMCA Aquatics

The Hartley Drive Family YMCA has great aquatics facilities and programs. Learn more about what we have to offer on this page!

Special Announcement:

Under the guidance of the most recent Mask Mandate issued by Guilford County, patrons are not required to wear a mask when in the pool area.

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Pool Rules

  • The YMCA reserves the right to Deny Use of the Pool to Anyone at Anytime.
  • NO Swimming without Lifeguard on Duty.
  • All swimmers must take shower before entering the pool.
  • NO running, Please walk.
  • Pushing, Dunking, and Rough Play are NOT ALLOWED.
  • No Jumping or Diving in Backwards, Flips and twists off the side of the pool.
  • As a sign of respect please share lap lanes as much as possible. Please communicate with other swimmers prior to entering the lap lanes.
  • No Diving in Shallow water, ONLY in 10 feet deep.
  • Adults Must Accompany children under 5 in the water and Supervise all Non-Swimmers and children under 9.
  • All swimmers under 12 are required to take a swim test prior to entering the water.
  • Non-Swimmers must stay in shallow water.
  • Use Ladders and steps only for getting in or out.
  • Infants and Preschoolers MUST WEAR approved rubber pants or swim diapers in pool. Please change diapers in the Locker room not on the pool deck.
  • Please keep off lifelines and lap lanes.
  • No Sitting, Playing, Jumping , Hanging or Diving from diving blocks- for competitive or lesson use only.
  • Proper Swimming Attire is required, if not please see the lifeguard for clarification. No Cut-offs allowed.
  • Inflatables are Not Allowed that includes water wings, infant floats or inner tubes.
  • All kickboards, pull buoys, barbells and water weights are for instruction use only.
  • No Smoking, eating, chewing gum or drinking in the pool area.
  • No Band-Aids to be warn in the pool.
  • No Glass or metal allowed on deck or in the lockers and shower area. Only plastic are containers allowed.
  • No Pets.
  • WEATHER POLICY: If thunder is heard or lightning is seen, the lifeguards will clear the pool deck, close the Splash Pad and the Pool. Both must remain closed until 30 minutes after the last thunder or lightning is observed, as per insurance and YMCA guidelines.

Swim Test Policy

We have 3 colored levels:

  • Green (allowed in deep end) — Individuals who successfully complete all three segments of the test:
  • Swim 25 meters freestyle
  • Tread 1 minute
  • Climb out of deep end jump into 10 feet swim freestyle 25 meters
  • Blue (allowed in shallow water up to 5 feet) — Individuals who demonstrate the ability to:
  • Swim 15 meters freestyle 
  • Tread 1 minute
  • Climb out jump back into 5 feet swim freestyle 15 meters
  • Red (must wear life jacket at all times) — Individuals who are unable to complete the tests above:
  • Must remain in shallow part of the pool with a life jacket 

Parents or guardians (age 16 and up) must be IN THE POOL with children ages 5 and under.

Parents or guardians (age 16 and up) must accompany all children ages 9 and under IN THE POOL AREA at all times.

NOTE: Greensboro Aquatic Center will be utilizing our pool from 11:00 AM - 12:45 PM on the following dates:


  • October 18-22: Oakview
  • November 15-19: Johnson St
  • November 29-December 3: Shadybrook     


  • January 10-14: Kirkman Park       
  • February 14-18: Northwood
  • March 7-11: Oak Hill
  • April 25-29:Montlieu


Contact Rachel Krause at rkrause@hpymca.org.