Hartley Drive Family YMCA

Family Parties

Party Rentals

The YMCA opens it facilities for birthday parties, pool parties and more.  
Call for more information at 336-869-0151.

Hartley Drive Family YMCA Pool Parties

Price includes, lifeguard fees, usage of youth locker rooms and meeting room for a portion of the pool time.    

$120/Potential Members
      Price is for 15 swimmers (it would be an additional $3 per person over 15)
Over 2 hours = plus $30.00 each additional 30 minutes

Available times for parties:   Saturdays 1-3pm or 3-5pm; Sundays 1:30-3:30pm or 3:30-5:30pm


Other facilities available for rent at the YMCA:


Basketball tournaments




Meeting Room


Splash Pad