Carl & Linda Grubb Family YMCA

Kid's Wellness

Policies and Procedures for Youth

Youth 11-13 years of age can work out in the Wellness Center after completing 3 fitness orientations and receiving their Youth Fitness Badge. Youth must wear their badge at all times while in the Wellness Center and be accompanied by an adult.

The first orientation includes cardio equipment, the second orientation covers the Cybex equipment (not including the cable crossover) and the third orientation is a review of any questions the youth may have from the two previous sessions. This demonstrates knowledge and understanding of machines, proper workout progression and gym etiquette.

After receiving the Youth Badge youth must demonstrate proper gym etiquette.  Horseplay is not permitted and appropriate action will be taken to those who disrupt and or damage YMCA property, resulting in loss of youth badge.

**REMINDER** After receiving the Youth Fitness Badge, youth 11-13 are  welcome to workout on Cardio Equipment, Cybex Strength Equipment (NOT the cable crossover) and in the Functional Fitness area. The Free Weight area is off limits until age 14.