Inclement Weather Updates

Published 01.09.17


Updated: January 9, 2017
Hartley Drive Family YMCA

The Hartley Drive Family YMCA will close at normal time Monday evening. Basketball practices have been cancelled. Please continue to use the front entrance.

We will open at normal time Tuesday morning and offer an All Day Out beginning at 7:30am.


Grubb Family YMCA

The Grubb Family YMCA will close at 6:00pm on Mon., Jan. 9. All Group Exercise classes and Basketball practices have been cancelled.

We will open at 7:00am on Tue., Jan. 10. Group Exercise classes will be offered and an All Day Out will be offered beginning at 7:30am.


Chavis Memorial YMCA

The Chavis Memorial YMCA will be closed on Mon., Jan. 9.


Stay tuned for weather updates as conditions arise. Stay safe and warm!!
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